Asymmetric Coordination in Old Romanian


  • Blanca Croitor "Iorgu Iordan - Al Rosetti" Institute of Linguistics Romanian Academy


In this paper we discuss various types of asymmetric coordination in Old Romanian, from the earliest attested texts
(the 16th c.) to the middle of the 17th c. The asymmetry of the coordination may concern either the linearization (e.g.,
the elements of one conjunct mirror the elements of the other conjunct) or the internal structure of the relevant
constituents (e.g., the verbs may have different tenses or moods or the nouns may be differently Case marked). We
have excerpted our data from several texts, both originals and translations. In Modern Romanian, there are only
traces of this asymmetry, as it will be shown at the end of the article: the asymmetry of the clitics is still present in a
few imperative pseudocoordinated sentences and in exclamatory desiderative sentences




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