Of Palaces, Hunts, and Pork Roast: Deciphering the Last Chapters of the Capitulary of Quierzy (a. 877)

Martin Gravel


In June 877, Charles the Bald called an assembly, hoping to convince the magnates of West Francia to keep the peace while he was campaigning in Italy. Known today as the capitulary of Quierzy, this written agreement has received a fair share of attention from medieval historians, but its last two chapters have generally been treated lightly or disregarded. This paper tries to correct this by arguing that they were written to contain Charles's sole heir, Louis the Stammerer, in his attempts at building his own network of faithful men (fideles). As such, they offer valuable information about the role of palaces, hunts, and feasts in developing the personal relationships that were the basic ingredients of Carolingian politics.

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