Volume 22, Number 1 (2007)

Table of Contents



Introduction: Music in Newfoundland and Labrador
Beverley Diamond, Glenn Colton
Imagining Nation: Music and Identity in Pre-Confederation Newfoundland
Glenn Colton
Gone to the Mainland and Back Home Again: A Critical Approach to Region, Politics, and Identity in Contemporary Newfoundland Song
Cory W. Thorne
"She’s Like the Swallow": Folksong as Cultural Icon
Neil V. Rosenberg
Kenneth Peacock’s Contribution to Gerald S. Doyle’s Old-Time Songs of Newfoundland (1955)
Anna Kearney Guigné
Crooked as the Road to Branch: Asymmetry in Newfoundland Dance Music
Christina Smith
Don Randell: Mistaken Fiddling Dichotomies
Paula Flynn
Fiddling with Technology: The Effect of Media on Newfoundland Traditional Musicians
Evelyn Osborne
"I Am VOWR": Living Radio in Newfoundland
Judith Klassen
Santu’s Song
John Hewson, Beverley Diamond
Cultural Revitalization and Mi’kmaq Music-Making: Three Newfoundland Drum Groups
Janice Esther Tulk
Found in Translation: The Inuit Voice in Moravian Music
Tom Gordon
Hip-hop on the East Side: A Multi-sited Ethnography of Breakdancing and Rap Music from St. John’s and Grand Falls, Newfoundland
Kelly Best
Fandom as Magical Practice: Great Big Sea, Stockwell Day, and Spoiled Identity
Peter Narváez
Rockin’ the Rock: The Newfoundland Folk/Pop "Revolution"
Paul Chafe
The Life and Afterlife of a Folksong Collection: The Labrador Songbook Experience
Tim Borlase
A Chronological List of Recent Choral CDs by Choirs of Newfoundland
Douglas Dunsmore


Reviews: Music
Chris McDonald, Carolyn Schiller, Patrick Boyle, Frank Holden
Reviews: Poetry
Peter Harley, Valerie Legge, Amanda Jernigan, Patrick Warner