Volume 20, Number 1 (2005)

Table of Contents

Editorial Note
James K. Hiller


Introduction — Humans on the Landscape: Interdisciplinary Studies at Port au Choix
Trevor Bell, M. A.P. Renouf
Postglacial Sea-Level History and Coastline Change at Port au Choix, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
Trevor Bell, I. Rod Smith, M. A.P. Renouf
Testing a Proposed Late Holocene Sea-Level Oscillation using the Isolation Basin Approach, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland
I. Rod Smith, Trevor Bell, M. A.P. Renouf
Environmental Changes at Port au Choix as Reconstructed from Fossil Midges
Sandra M. Rosenburg, Ian R. Walker, Joyce B. Macpherson
Animal Exploitation and Season of Occupation at the Groswater Palaeoeskimo Site of Phillip’s Garden West
Patricia J. Wells
Using Bone Measurements to Determine the Season of Harp Seal Hunting at the Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site of Phillip’s Garden
Lisa M. Hodgetts
Late Prehistoric Human Impact on Bass Pond, Port au Choix
Trevor Bell, Joyce B. Macpherson, M. A.P. Renouf
Palaeoethnobotanical Research at Port au Choix
Michael Deal
Geophysical Survey of the Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site of Point Riche
Edward Eastaugh, Jeremy Taylor
Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Mapping Archaeological Features at the Gould Site, Port au Choix
Trevor Bell, Julian Daly, Alice Kelley, M. A.P. Renouf


Shannon Lewis-Simpson, ed. Vínland Revisited: The Norse World at the Turn of the First Millennium.
Alan G. Macpherson
Hans Rollman. Labrador Through Moravian Eyes: 250 Years of Art, Photographs and Records.
Carol Brice-Bennett
Carol Brice-Bennett. Hopedale: Three Ages of a Community in Northern Labrador.
Peter Whitridge
Elmer Harp Jr. Lives and Landscapes: A Photographic Memoir of Outport Newfoundland and Labrador, 1945-1963.
Joan Ritcey