Vol 24, No 1 (2004)

Table of Contents


The Growing Importance of the Failing State: Sovereignty, Security, and the Return to Power Politics
David Reilly
Peacekeeping, Politics, and the 1994 US Intervention in Haiti
Philippe R. Girard
Mall Cops, Military Contractors, and al-Qaeda: An Examination of the Commodification of Canadian Security and Contemporary Terrorism
Christopher Spearin
A Not So Silent Partner: Thailand's Role in Covert Operations, Counter-Insurgency, and the Wars in Indochina
Arne Kislenko
Maritime Security in the South China Sea
Craig Snyder

Research Note

Almost Present at the Creation: A Personal Perspective of a Continuing Journey
Stephen Sloan

Review Essays

Counter-Terrorist Measures and their Impact
Bradley W. C. Bamford

Book Reviews

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Robert LaRonde