Vol 24, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents


Law, Force, and Human Rights: The Search for a Sufficiently Principled Legal Basis for Humanitarian Intervention
Eric A. Heinze
The Lair and Layers of al-Aqsa Uprising Terror: Some Preliminary Empirical Findings
Richard J. Chasdi
Israeli Politics as Settler Politics
Thomas G. Mitchell
War in (Another) New Context: Postmodernism
Keith D. Dickson
Terrorism and Governance in Kashmir
Sunil Sondhi
One Step Forward, One Step Back?: The Development of Peace-building as Concept and Strategy
Andrea Kathryn Talentino
Afghanistan: Winning A Three Block War
Joseph J. Collins

Review Essays

Guerrilla Warfare and Counterinsurgency
Richard Dale
Resolving Sub-Saharan African Conflict
Seán O'Connell

Book Reviews

Boulden, Jane, and Thomas Weiss, eds. Terrorism and the UN: Before and After September 11.
Bill Watkins
Smith, J. W. Why? The Deeper History Behind the September 11th Terrorist Attacks on America.
Omar Ashour
Haldi, Stacy Bergstrom. Why Wars Widen: A Theory of Predation and Balancing.
Dennis M. Foster
Craig, Campbell. Glimmer of a New Leviathan: Total War in the Realism of Niebuhr, Morgenthau, and Waltz.
Benjamin A. Kleinerman
Jebb, Cindy R. Bridging the Gap: Ethnicity, Legitimacy, and State Alignment in the International System.
James F. Miskel