Brand Equity in the Drinkin' Box Market: Canadian vs. American

  • Wendy Wilson University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Ming Ouyang University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Shelley M. Rineha University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • E. Stephen Grant University of New Brunswick, Canada


This study identifies organizational learning practices that globally oriented small and medium-sized firms could carry out. Suggestions from managers were analyzed using Nud*ist and HOMALS programs. The results indicate that formal as well as informal learning practices could be used following a pollination model in order to obtain explicit and tacit knowledge. However, the content and the learning practices to be adopted are dependent, among other things, on the position, tasks, and career needs of the beneficiary.
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Wilson, W., Ouyang, M., Rineha, S. M., & Grant, E. S. (2004). Brand Equity in the Drinkin’ Box Market: Canadian vs. American. Journal of Comparative International Management, 8(1). Retrieved from