Managing in Turbulent Times: The Corporate Responsibility Imperative


  • Roy Adams McMaster University


The theme of this meeting is "Managing in Turbulent Times" and, indeed, these are rocky times for managers of corporations. Enron, Woldcom, Arthur Anderson and now Nortel - the scandals keep coming in rapid order. Real world events have given Hollywood lots of material to work with and with the end of the cold war business has become the movie industry's new villain of choice. In five currently playing movies - the new version of The Manchurian Candidate, I Robot, The Bourne Conspiracy, Spiderman Two and even Catwoman - the corporation is the bad guy. There probably are not too many idealistic kids out there daydreaming about being corporate managers when they grow up. The corporation was originally invented by governments as a way to get useful things done on the cheap. If the wealth of the kingdom will be increased by developing the North American fur trade, why not let private investors organize the project and take the risks by giving them the incentive of greatly increasing their own person wealth?




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