Productivity of Stump Harvesting for Fuel


  • J. Laitila
  • T. Ranta
  • A. Asikainen


The productivity of harvesting stump and root wood was studied in Norway spruce (Picea abies) stands. The objective was to create productivity models (m3/E0h) for stump wood extraction, stump wood forwarding, and site preparation, in addition to identifying work phases and improvement opportunities in the extraction and forwarding chain. Productivity models were based on time studies with professional operators. The independent variables in stump wood extraction were stump diameter (cm) and the number of stumps per hectare. For forwarding, the independent variables were volume of stump wood removed (m3/ha) and forwarding distance (m). When removing 350 stumps per ha with an average diameter of 40 cm, productivity was estimated at 7.9 m3/E0h. Increasing the number of stumps removed from 350 to 800 stumps per ha, increased productivity to 10.8 m3/E0h. Forwarding productivity was 7.8 m3/E0hwithaforwardingdistanceof250mandaload size of 7.0 m3 when removing 60 m3 of stumps per ha.






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