Comminution of Logging Residues with Evolution 910R chipper, MOHA chipper truck, and Morbark 1200 tub grinder


  • A. Asikainen University of Joensuu, Joensuu, Finland
  • P. Pulkkinen University of Joensuu, Joensuu, Finland


This study is part of the ongoing national Bioenergy Research Programme in Finland. The study looked into the quality of chips made of logging residues composed predominantly of spruce wood. In addition, the productivity of the Evolution 910R chipper, the MOHA chipper truck, and the Morbark 1200 tub grinder was studied. The three machines studied were capable of producing acceptable chips for heat generation plants. The particle-size distribution was good in all cases and the proportion of large particles and the fine fraction was small. The ash content of the chips was low due to carefulness in the handling of logging residues. The moisture content was typical for logging residues stored at the logging site for some months. The machine productivity values obtained were as follows: Evolution = 65 m3 loose/E15-h, MOHA = 23 m3 loose/E15-h, and Morbark = 5060 m3 loose/E15-h. These results are preliminary; a follow-up study is needed for more reliable results to be obtained concerning the productivities.






Technical Papers