Cut-To-Length: The Next Decade


  • Sten Gellarstedt Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Bo Dahlin Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden


This article discusses the logging system where the logs are made at the stump from a harvester and carried to the landing by a forwarder. The focus is on Sweden, yet with international outlooks. Trends in forestry in the last decades are described and used to envision the next decade. In our analysis we consider the call for sustainable forest management, the demand and supply on the wood market, system productivity and utilisation, as well as operational organisation, operator education, health and safety and technical development. A comparison is made between three mechanised logging methods as well as between three different forest worker education systems. Hindrances found when introducing cut-to-length are operator education, work crew organisation, supply of maintenance service and capital bound in other logging systems. The trend towards purpose built harvesters is discussed. The possibilities following advanced electrohydraulics and GPS/GIS are discussed regarding machine control, maintenance, operational planning and supervision.