Another Look at Skidder Ride Vibration


  • E. Wegscheid Deere #amp; Co Technical Center, Moline, U.S.A


Whole-body vibration data from recent tests on several log skidders are presented. Weighted RMS (root mean square) and RMQ (root mean quad) values are compared to FERIC results of 1987. The PSD (power spectral density) of the vertical motion of the seat base is compared with the PSDs currently defined in ISO and SAE Standards for the evaluation of seat suspensions on earthmoving equipment and agricultural tractors. This paper suggests the adoption of a seat performance test such as those contained in ISO 7096/ SAE J1385 for earthmoving equipment, or in ISO 5007/SAE J1386 for agricultural tractors. Seat suspensions capable of meeting the requirements of such a test will attenuate the vibration at the frequencies most prevalent on skidders, and should significantly improve the ride on these machines.






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