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The Journal is published twice a year, in Spring and Fall. Its focus is on the field of low-intensity conflict including: revolutionary or civil war, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations, propaganda and psychological warfare, intelligence activities, media coverage of such conflict, peacekeeping, and foreign/military policy and strategic studies as they relate to the field.

First-time Reviewers

We are always happy to enlist from around the globe specialists in the various fields of low-intensity conflict. Prospective reviewers should include a c.v. and a cover note with a clear indication of their sub-field and work done in that area. Prospective reviewers should also read our guidelines carefully.

Guidelines for all reviewers

Single book reviews should run about 750 words. Double reviews may run up to1200 words. Review essays of several books may run 1200-2000 words. Reviews may be submitted in French or English. Since the Journal is designed for a broad international readership, ranging from defense specialists and academics to interested laymen, reviewers should avoid jargon whenever possible. Manuscripts must be typed or word-processed and double-spaced. For standard punctuation, documentation and format, see Turabian Manual for Writers, 5th ed. Copyright onpublished material is retained by the Centre for Conflict Studies unless otherwise determined.

Reviewers are welcome to submit by electronic-mail. Yes, we still accept hard-copy as well and appreciate hard-copy as back-up. In either case, please be sure to include: your institutional affiliation, an e-mail address, and postal address.

Contact Book Review Editor

Correspondence regarding Review Essays and Book Reviews should be directed to:

Dennis M. Foster, PhD
Assistant Professor of International Studies and Political Science
Virginia Military Institute
432 Scott Shipp Hall
Lexington, VA 24450
Tel: (540) 464-7088
Fax: (540) 464-7763
e-mail: fosterdm@vmi.edu

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