Editorial Note -

Editorial Note

James K. Hiller

1 THIS EDITION MARKS the change in this journal’s name from Newfoundland Studies to Newfoundland and Labrador Studies. The decision made by the Editorial Committee does not merely follow the change in the name of the province, but reflects the Committee’s view that the journal should explicitly welcome and encourage material from and about Labrador.

2 The change has necessitated a change in our cover and logo, thus providing the opportunity to give the journal a new look. The previous design, elegant and understated, served us well for twenty years. But it now seems timely to introduce a cover which provides information about each edition’s contents and displays an appropriate image. The new look will also be reflected in the journal’s website.

3 Many academic journals are now discussing the issue of electronic publication, and Newfoundland and Labrador Studies is no exception. But readers should not conclude that the print version will disappear. On the contrary, it will continue into the foreseeable future as we explore ways to place back issues online.

James K. Hiller

Newfoundland and Labrador Studies. ISSN: 1715-1430