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KELLY BEST (Ph.D. candidate, Ethnomusicology, Memorial University) is studying the shifting meanings of travelling American minstrelsy and local blackface performance in Newfoundland.

TIM BORLASE was a program specialist for art, music, drama, social, and Labrador studies with the Labrador School Board, Director of the Labrador Institute of Memorial University from 2002 to 2005, and founder of the Labrador Creative Arts Festival before retiring to New Brunswick where he coordinates the Capital Thea-tre School in Moncton.

PAUL CHAFE (Ph.D. candidate in English at Memorial University) currently teaches Canadian and Atlantic Canadian Literature at Seneca College and Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford.

GLENN COLTON, pianist and musicologist, is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Music at Lakehead University, where he teaches courses in Canadian music, music criticism, and music history.

BEVERLEY DIAMOND is the Canada Research Chair in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Director of the Research Centre for the Study of Music, Media, and Place [MMaP].

DOUGLAS DUNSMORE is Professor at Memorial University’s School of Music (choral activities), choirmaster at Gower Street United Church, conductor of the NSO Philharmonic Choir, and co-conductor of Newman Sound male chorus.

PAULA FLYNN, a former teacher, completed an M.A. in Folklore at Memorial University in 2004, pursuing, in particular, her interest in Newfoundland material culture and traditional music.

TOM GORDON, Director of the School of Music at Memorial University, is a musicologist and pianist with research interests in French music of the early twentieth century and Canadian musicians, including Twillingate’s Georgina Stirling and the Moravian Inuit musicians of Labrador.

JOHN HEWSON is Professor Emeritus in the Linguistics Department of Memorial University and author of many studies on First Nations and Indo-European languages.

ANNA KEARNEY GUIGNÉ (Ph.D. Folklore, Memorial University) is an Adjunct Professor with the School of Music’s ethnomusicology program and Artistic Director for the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, Newfoundland and Labrador, 2008.

JUDITH KLASSEN is a violist and a doctoral candidate in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University whose primary research concerns music in the Mennonite colonies of Northern Mexico.

PETER NARVÁEZ, folklorist and musician, is an Honorary Research Professor in the Department of Folklore at Memorial University.

EVELYN OSBORNE (Ph.D. candidate, Ethnomusicology, Memorial University) researches the instrumental folk traditions of Newfoundland and Labrador, particularly in light of the international Celtic revival.

NEIL V. ROSENBERG is Professor Emeritus of Folklore at Memorial University.

CHRISTINA SMITH is a musician who has collected and performed traditional instrumental music in Newfoundland since the late 1970s and who teaches Suzuki violin and cello.

CORY W. THORNE is an Assistant Professor of Folklore with special interests in theory (folklore, critical, and queer theory), popular culture, material culture, music, migration, and Newfoundland.

JANICE ESTHER TULK (Ph.D. candidate in Ethnomusicology at Memorial University) is writing her dissertation on Mi’kmaq music-making in Newfoundland.

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