Calibration and Precise Detection of the Irregular Drift of the Tidal Zero Point for a short/medium term Tide Station

C. Huang, X. Lu, W. Sun, X. Huang, K. Deng, X. Zhao (China).


The tide gauge is one of the most important auxiliary sensors in
hydrographic surveying. Medium and short-term tide stations are established using
pressure-type tide gauges to achieve the water level control for the depth measurement
along the coast. Affected by the complex marine environment, one of the main factors in
determining the accuracy of the water depth measurement is the irregular drift of the
tidal zero point, which is usually deter-mined during the engineering practice. However,
the relevant theoretical research on detection and correction lags. In this paper, the
occurence of irregular drift about tidal zero is analyzed, and a mathematical model for
precise processing of drift detection and correc-tion is proposed. Based on the processing
of nearly one month of simultaneous tide data at the long-term Dinghai station, the
temporary station at Gangxin, as well as the long-term Dafeng station and temporary
Sanyazi station, the effect of two daily average sea surface calculation methods on
different constituents are analyzed. The results show that the new proposed model is
suitable for the precise processing of irregular drift of tide zero point. After the tide
zero point correction, the accuracy of the water level observation data of the short-term
Gangxin and Sanyazi tide stations is improved from decimetre (dm) to centime-tre (cm)

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