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Number 15 (2016)

Developing innovative, sustainable and effective educational and training programs for the Asia Pacific egion: A case study

September 22, 2017


Formal training in the professions of hydrographic surveying and nautical cartography has long been an issue within the Asia-Pacific region. In the Australasian and S.W. Pacific regions specifically, due partly to geographic considerations and the small sizes of potential student cohorts, training and educational programs have been notoriously difficult to maintain. When combined with a general lack of client support over many years by industry for cartographic programs within the main education sectors, appropriate professional educational and training opportunities in hydrographic surveying and nautical cartography are minimal. There are, no doubt, many possible options. After discussing regional imperatives, we present a case study of how one organisation has developed a model to redress the identified problems. The case study covers a methodology for delivering internationally recognised courses that have been successful in meeting both its own requirements as well as those of its clients within both public and private sectors. It is hoped the lessons learned will provoke thought for those seeking to solve the dilemma of a changing profession and a changing core of students within our particular region.