Review Essay - Some Recent Books on Scottish Literature

  • David J. Parkinson


Review of Priscilla Bawcutt and Janet Hadley Williams, eds., A Companion to Medieval Scottish Poetry (D. S. Brewer, 2006); Ian Brown (gen. ed.), Susan Manning (co-ed.), Thomas Owen Clancy, and Murray Pittock, eds., The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature, vol. 1, From Columba to the Union, until 1707 (Edinburgh Univ. Press, 2007); John J. McGavin, Theatricality and Narrative in Medieval and Early Modern Scotland (Ashgate, 2007); Jon Robinson, Court Politics, Culture and Literature in Scotland and England, 1500-1540 (Ashgate, 2008); and Nicola Royan, ed., Langage Cleir Illumynate: Scottish Poetry from Barbour to Drummond, 1375-1630 (Rodopi, 2007).
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