Vol. 21 No. 1 Spring/ Printemps 2000

Lill in Review: A Working Bibliography

Shelley Newman and Sherrill Grace

In this working bibliography for Canadian playwright Wendy Lill, the authors have listed all the primary and secondary work they could locate up to December 2000. Lill has created a substantial body of work that has received professional production but little critical analysis to date. It is hoped that this bibliography will facilitate such analysis.

Dans cette bibliographie provisoire sur l'oeuvre de la dramaturge canadienne Wendy Lill, les auteures ont mentionné tous les textes primaires et secondaires qu'elles ont pu repérer jusqu'en décembre 2000. L'oeuvre importante que Lill a créée a été souvent mise en scène au théâtre professionnel. Elle n'a reçu cependant à ce jour que peu d'attention critique. Cette bibliographie doit encourager de façon importante les analyses qui s'imposent.

For a playwright with eight major stage plays to her credit, many awards, and numerous other achievements, it comes as something of a surprise to realize that Wendy Lill has still not received much serious, critical attention. There have been some interviews and the expected reviews of productions, but, to date, only a few scholarly articles--four to be exact (by Anderson et al, Bennett, and Perkins)--and one review of the critical response to her plays (Conolly) have appeared. All the other items are performance reviews, brief introductions, or passing mentions.

Although Lill began writing for the stage in the early 80s, her work did not attract scholarly attention until the 90s, but this is, of course, only one measure of her success, or of the attention her work has attracted. Before writing her first stageplay, On the Line, Lill wrote full-time for CBC radio and won ACTRA awards for her documentary Who is George Forest? and for her radio play Shorthanded in 1981. Seven plays later, with The Glace Bay Miners' Museum, Lill once more wrote for radio and only later developed the subject into the full-scale stage version that was published in 1996. Between 1986 and 1991, she wrote a screenplay Ikwe, which won a Golden Sheaf Award in 1986, and adapted Sisters for television, this time receiving a Gemini nomination for Best Performing Arts Program in 1991. (1) Four of her plays have been nominated for Governor General's Awards--The Occupation of Heather Rose, All Fall Down, The Glace Bay Miners' Museum, and Corker--;Heather Rose has been published three times (in two different versions) and produced across Canada, from the Yukon to Newfoundland, and in Scotland, Denmark, and Germany.

Wendy Lill, in short, is an accomplished playwright with a substantial oeuvre. Her plays have sparked debate, criticism, and hasty categorization, but they have never passed, in performance, without notice. They have been described as documentary, as social realist, and as thesis plays. But such classifications are only a bare beginning; what is needed now is a critical assessment of her oeuvre. Lill has a vision of contemporary society and of human nature that is at once deeply ethical and morally complex. She asks us to feel and to think, and she does this in language and dramatic structures that will reward sustained analysis. The following bibliography is offered as a modest contribution to the study of an interesting and challenging body of work; it marks a small beginning and an invitation to an on-going critical dialogue with an important writer. (2)Primary Sources:


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2. We would like to thank Kathy Chung, Don Perkins, Jerry Wasserman, and the readers for TRIC for their help with this bibliography. The bibliography has been updated to December 2000.
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3. Information on unpublished works provided by Wendy Lill.
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