A Note from the Editor

THIS ISSUE, 25.1, represents a landmark for SCL/ÉLC, which was founded in 1975 and thus celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary of continuous biannual publication. I am pleased to dedicate this issue to the brave vision and hard work of our four “founding fathers” — Barrie Davies, Desmond Pacey, Roger Ploude, and Michael Taylor — and to Kathleen Scherf, who, as my immediate predecessor, was the most responsible for the strong journal that I inherited in 1996, and whose shape and mandate remain largely in place today. I am honoured to be publishing Kathleen’s excellent article on Talonbooks in this special issue. The work of my predecessors and the authors they edited is soon to become more widely available; we are currently in the process, aided by a SSHRC Special Initiatives Grant, of making the entire contents of the journal’s first twenty volumes freely available on the World Wide Web; by November 2000 volumes 11-20 (1986-95) will be posted, and the rest will follow a few months later. All articles have been abstracted, and the archive will be searchable. You can see it at our website: http://ultratext.hil.unb.ca/Texts/SCL/

Finally, in the spirit of recognizing the process, and of focussing on the present as well as the past, this issue is also dedicated to the person who over fifteen years and various editorial configurations has been the backbone of Studies in Canadian Literature. Sabine Campbell, whom we have the good fortune to share with The Fiddlehead, is a wonderfully committed and hard-working managing editor; she keeps all of us who appear in SCL looking good, and makes the business of publishing a pleasure.