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Volume 22, Number 2 (2007) Boats, Trains, and Immunity: The Spread of the Spanish Flu on the Island of Newfoundland Details   HTML   PDF
Craig T. Palmer, Lisa Sattenspiel, Chris Cassidy
Volume 28, Number 1 (2013) Branded Newfoundland: Lisa Moore’s Alligator and Consumer Capitalism Details   HTML   PDF
Jonathan Parsons
Vol 2, No 1 (1986) Breaking the Silence Details   PDF
Mary Dalton
Vol 14, No 2: Special Issue on Confederation (1998) British Policy and Confederation Details   PDF
Phillip McCann
Vol 14, No 1 (1998) Brown Flour and Beriberi: The Politics of Dietary and Health Reform in Newfoundland in the First Half of the Twentieth Century Details   PDF
James Overton
Vol 09, No 2: Special Topic Issue, Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador (1993) Burials and Bones: A Summary of Burial Patterns and Human Skeletal Research in Newfoundland and Labrador Details   PDF
Sonja Jerkic
Vol 12, No 1 (1996) Cabot 400: The 1897 St. John's Celebrations Details   PDF
Jiri Smrz
Volume 26, Number 2 (2011) Calvin Hollett, Shouting, Embracing, and Dancing with Ecstasy: The Growth of Methodism in Newfoundland, 1774-1874. Details   HTML   PDF
William Westfall
Volume 24, Number 2 (2009) Canada’s Plan to Torch St. John’s During the Second World War: Upper-Canadian Arrogance or Tabloid Journalism Details   HTML   PDF
Paul Collins
Volume 22, Number 2 (2007) Carl Leggo. Come-By-Chance. Details   HTML   PDF
Ruth Roach Pierson
Volume 20, Number 1 (2005) Carol Brice-Bennett. Hopedale: Three Ages of a Community in Northern Labrador. Details   HTML   PDF
Peter Whitridge
Volume 21, Number 2 (2006) Catherine Safer. Bishop’s Road. Details   HTML   PDF
Martha Wells
Volume 25, Number 2 (2010) Chad Pelley. Away from Everywhere Details   HTML   PDF
Michael Nolan
Volume 29, Number 2 (2014) Challenging the “Merchants’ Domain”: William Coaker and the Price of Fish, 1908–1919 Details   HTML   PDF
Melvin Baker
Volume 21, Number 1 (2006) Changing the Flag: The Cloak of Newfoundland Registry for American Rum-Running, 1924-1934 Details   HTML   PDF
Mark C. Hunter
Volume 29, Number 2 (2014) Chateau Bay, Labrador, and William Richardson’s 1769 Sketch of York Fort Details   HTML   PDF
Marianne P. Stopp
Volume 23, Number 2 (2008) Christopher English, ed. Essays in The History of Canadian Law, Vol IX, Two Islands: Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. Details   HTML   PDF
Jonathan Swainger
Volume 28, Number 1 (2013) Claire Wilkshire. Maxine. Details   HTML   PDF
Alexandra Gilbert
Vol 09, No 1 (1993) Coming Back: Return Migration to Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula Details   PDF
Peter R. Sinclair, Lawrence F. Felt
Vol 1, No 2 (1985) Coming of Age in Marten Details   PDF
Anne Hart
Vol 1, No 2 (1985) Commander William Chimmo's Labrador Drawings of 1867 Details   PDF
Gilbert E. Higgins, William J. Kirwin
Volume 30, Number 1 (2015) Conceptualizing Health Care in Rural and Remote Pre-Confederation Newfoundland as Ecosystem Details   HTML   PDF
J.T.H. Connor, Jennifer J. Connor, Monica G. Kidd, Maria Mathews
Vol 1, No 2 (1985) Confederation, 1937 Details   PDF
Malcolm MacLeod
Volume 29, Number 2 (2014) Confederation and Conspiracy: An Extended Essay on Greg Malone’s Don’t Tell the Newfoundlanders Details   HTML   PDF
Raymond B. Blake
Vol 14, No 2: Special Issue on Confederation (1998) Confederation, Conspiracy and Choice: A Discussion Details   PDF
Jeff A. Webb
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