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Chiarappa, Michael J.
Churchill, Jason L., University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo
Clément, Dominique
Coaker, William Ford
Codignola, Luca
Coleman, Victor
Coleman, Victor, Coach House Press
Collins, Alice, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, Memorial University
Collins, Jeffrey F., Carleton University
Collins, Michael, University of Toronto
Collins, Paul
Collins, Paul, Memorial University
Colton, Glenn, Lakehead University
Connor, J. T.H., Memorial University
Connor, J. T. H., Memorial University
Connor, J.T.H., Memorial University of Newfoundland
Connor, Jennifer J., Memorial University of Newfoundland
Conrad, Margaret, Canada Research Chair at the University of New Brunswick
Cowdy, Cheryl, York University
Creelman, David, University of New Brunswick
Crowdy, Joseph P., Major General in the British Army
Cullum, Linda, Memorial University
Curran, Christopher P., Memorial University
Curtis, Donna G., University of New Brunswick


Dalton, Mary, Mary Dalton is Assistant Professor of English at Memorial University. Her first book of poems, The Time of Icicles, appeared in 1989.

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