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Volume 29, Spring/Printemps 1989 The Ukrainian Sacred Landscape: A Metaphor of Survival and Acculturation Abstract   HTML   PDF
John C. Lehr
Volume 77/78 (2013) The Use of Material Culture and Recovering Black Maine Abstract
Kate McMahon
Volume 20, Fall/Automne 1984 The Use of Primary Documents as Computerized Collection Records for the Study of Material Culture Details   HTML   PDF
Claudia Haagen
Volume 63, Spring/Printemps 2006 The Wasteland - An Essay on Manufactured Landscapes Details   HTML   PDF
Jonathan Bordo
Volume 65, Spring/Printemps 2007 Therrien, Marie-Josée. 2005. Au-delà des frontières. L’architecture des ambassades canadiennes 1930-2005 Details   HTML   PDF
Caroline Cloutier
Volume 28, Fall/Automne 1988 Thomas B. King, Glass in Canada Details   HTML   PDF
Peter Kaellgren
Volume 36, Fall/Automne 1992 Thomas Edison, The Battle of the Systems and the Persistence of Direct Current Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andre Millard
Volume 34, Fall/Automne 1991 Thomas J. Schlereth, Cultural History and Material Culture: Everyday Life, Landscapes, Museums Details   HTML   PDF
Ann Gorman Condon
Volume 23, Spring/Printemps 1986 Thomas J. Schlereth, U.S. 40: A Roadscape of the American Experience Details   HTML   PDF
John van Nostrand
Volume 24, Fall/Automne 1986 Thomas J. Schlereth (ed.), Material Culture: A Research Guide Details   HTML   PDF
Kenneth McLaughlin
Volume 33, Spring/Printemps 1991 Thomas Melville Bailey, ed., Dictionary of Hamilton Bibliography, Volume 1. Frances G. Halpenny, ed., Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume 12, 1891-1900 Details   HTML   PDF
Norman R. Ball
Volume 15, Summer/Été 1982 Thomas Nisbet: A Reappraisal of His Life and Work Abstract   HTML   PDF
T. G. Dilworth
Volume 24, Fall/Automne 1986 Thomas Nisbet's Furniture: Distinctive Style, Design and Workmanship Details   HTML   PDF
Tim Dilworth
Volume 29, Spring/Printemps 1989 Three Urban Parishes: A Study of Sacred Space Abstract   HTML   PDF
David J. Goa
Volume 47, Spring/Printemps 1998 Through Clouded Eyes: Gas Masks and the Canadian Corps in the First World War Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tim Cook
Volume 52, Fall/Automne 2000 Time Balls: Marking Modem Times in Urban America, 1877-1922 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alexis McCrossen
Volume 36, Fall/Automne 1992 Time for a Change? Technological Persistence in the British Watchmaking Industry Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alun C. Davies
Volume 44, Fall/Automne 1996 Tompkinsville, Cape Breton Island: Co-operativism and Vernacular Architecture Abstract   HTML   PDF
Richard MacKinnon
Volume 20, Fall/Automne 1984 Tool and Trades History Society Details   HTML   PDF
Barbara Riley
Volume 57, Spring/Printemps 2003 Toronto Blueberry Buns: History, Community, Memory Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jillian Gould
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Tourist Photography in Peru: An Actor-Network Theory Approach to Images Posted Online Abstract
Karoline Guelke
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Toward A History of Canadian Wallpaper Use: Mechanization 1860-1935 Abstract
Robert M. Kelly
Volume 40, Fall/Automne 1994 Toward a Material History of Watercraft Abstract   HTML   PDF
John Summers
Volume 8, March 1979 Toward a Three-Dimensional View of the Canadian Past: Can Material History Take Us There? Details   HTML   PDF
Robert D. Watt
Volume 22, Fall/Automne 1985 Towards a Material History Methodology Details   HTML   PDF
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