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Volume 38, Fall/Automne 1993 Canadian Museum of Civilization, Design 1935-1965: What Modern Was Details   HTML   PDF
Dianne Reid
Volume 39, Spring/Printemps 1994 Canadian Museum of Civilization, Panache: Nineteenth-Century Ladies' Fashion Details   HTML   PDF
Kerridwen Harvey
Volume 47, Spring/Printemps 1998 Canadian Museum of Civilization, The Painted Furniture of French Canada, 1700-1840 Details   HTML   PDF
Jane L. Cook
Volume 19, Spring/Printemps 1984 Canadian War Museum, "The Loyal Americans" Details   HTML   PDF
John Brooke
Volume 22, Fall/Automne 1985 Canadian War Museum, "The Rebellion of 1885" Details   HTML   PDF
Brereton Greenhous
Volume 22, Fall/Automne 1985 Canadian War Museum, "Women and War" Details   HTML   PDF
Ruth Roach Pearson
Volume 53, Spring/Printemps 2001 Canadian War Museum's Airborne Beret Collection Details   HTML   PDF
Michel Wyczynski
Volume 19, Spring/Printemps 1984 "Canadian Ways": An Introduction to Comparative Studies of Housework, Stoves, and Diet in Great Britain and Canada Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hilary Russell
Volume 68, Fall/Automne 2008 Canoes and Canots in New France: Small Boats, Material History and Popular Imagination Abstract   HTML   PDF
Dale Standen
Volume 66, Fall/Automne 2007 Caplan, Ron, ed. 2005. Views From the Steel Plant: Voices and Photographs from 100 Years of Making Steel in Cape Breton Island Details   HTML   PDF
Elizabeth Beaton
Volume 43, Spring/Printemps 1996 Carl Poul Petersen: Master Danish-Canadian Silversmith Details   HTML   PDF
Gloria Lesser
Volume 57, Spring/Printemps 2003 Carlos Mustienes, 1000 Extra/Ordinary Objects; Uwe Ommer, 1000 Families: The Family Album of Planet Earth Details   HTML   PDF
Jenny Cook
Volume 4, Fall/Automne 1977 Carol Priamo, Mills of Canada. Details   HTML   PDF
Felicity Leung
Volume 27, Spring/Printemps 1988 Carriage Making in St. John's, Newfoundland: A Folkloristic Perspective on a Historical Industry Abstract   HTML   PDF
Richard MacKinnon
Volume 23, Spring/Printemps 1986 Carved in Stone: Material Evidence in the Graveyards of Kings County, Nova Scotia Details   HTML   PDF
Deborah Trask, Debra McNabb
Volume 34, Fall/Automne 1991 Catherine C. Cole, ed., Norwegian Immigrant Clothing and Textiles Details   HTML   PDF
Dorothy K. Burnham
Volume 55, Spring/Printemps 2002 Catherine Delano-Smith and Roger J.P. Kain, English Maps: A History Details   HTML   PDF
Brian S. Osborne
Volume 34, Fall/Automne 1991 Caveats in the Use of Corporate Literature by Costume Historians Abstract   HTML   PDF
Catherine C. Cole
Volume 47, Spring/Printemps 1998 CBC and BBC, Dawn of the Eye Details   HTML   PDF
Bryan Dewalt
Volume 49, Spring/Printemps 1999 Centres of 'Home-Like Influence': Residences for Women at the University of Toronto Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alyson E. King
Volume 16, Fall/Automne 1982 Ceramics Destined for York Factory: An Examination of Hudson's Bay Company Archival Sources Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jennifer F.A. Hamilton
Volume 36, Fall/Automne 1992 Change and Diversity Within Traditional Cooperage Technology Details   HTML   PDF
Brad Loewen
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Changing Identity Through Material Culture: Folklore, the Fur Trade, and the Internet Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hadyn B. Call
Volume 14, Spring/Printemps 1982 Changing Women's Fashion and Its Social Context, 1870-1905 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anita Rush
Volume 16, Fall/Automne 1982 Characterization of Selected Nineteenth-Century Southern Ontario Domestic Earthenwares by Chemical Analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF
W. Coedy, J. D. MacArthur
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