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Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Review of Framing Fraktur – Pennsylvania German Material Culture and Contemporary Art. 2015. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Pp. 112, full colour, hardcover, 26.2 x 21.1 x 1.3 cm. ISBN-10: 0812247450. Details   HTML   PDF
John Mathews
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Review of Douglas McCalla. 2015. Consumers in the Bush: Shopping in Rural Upper Canada. Montréal and Kingston. McGill-Queens University Press. pp. 296. Details   HTML   PDF
Joyce Rankin
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Review of Solecki, Sam. 2015. A Truffaut Notebook. Montréal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press. Pp. xii. 340, b/w photographs, notes, chronology, bibliography, index, English, hardcover, ISBN 9780773546240. Details   HTML   PDF
Diane Chisholm
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Review of Swyripa, Frances. 2010. Storied Landscapes: Ethno-Religious Identity and the Canadian Prairies. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press. Pp. 296. Maps and black-and-white photographs. Lists of illustrations, list of maps, list of image credits, acknowledgments, introduction, conclusion, endnotes, index. ISBN 978-0-88755-720-0 (paper) $29.95; ISBN 978-0-88755-191-8 (cloth) $55; ISBN 978-0-88755-3004 (e-book) $29.95. Details   HTML   PDF
S. Holyck Hunchuck
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) Review of Terry, Andrea, 2015. Family Ties: Living History in Canadian House Museums. Montréal: McGill-Queens University Press. 264 pp., 40 photographs, avail. hardcover, soft cover, and e-book. ISBN 9780773545625. Details   HTML   PDF
Annie Marie Lane Jonah
Volume 15, Summer/Été 1982 'Interior Motives': Rooms, Objects, and Meaning in Atlantic Canada Homes Abstract   HTML   PDF
Gerald L. Pocius
Volume 69, Spring/Printemps 2009 “Dyeing Commodities whether in Roote or floure”: Reconstructing Aboriginal Dye Techniques from Documentary and Museum Sources Abstract   HTML   PDF
Roland Bohr, Anne Lindsay
Volume 77/78 (2013) “I Have Sometimes Seen the White Cloth Winding Over the Rollers ... and I Have Thought it Beautiful”: Reading the Mill Girls’ Narratives as Artifacts of Material Rhetoric Abstract   HTML   PDF
Amy Propen
Volume 77/78 (2013) “One of the best advertising mediums the country can have:” Postage Stamps and National Identity in Canada, New Zealand and Australia Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael Maloney
Volume 73, Spring/Printemps 2011 “Our Home in Harlow”: Building an Identity of Place at a Local History Museum Abstract   HTML   PDF
Meghann E. Jack
Volume 74/75, Spring/Printemps 2012 “Precision,” “Perfection,” and the Reality of British Scientific Instruments on the Move During the 18th Century Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alexi Baker
Volume 80/81 (2014/2015) “The Cartography of the Unseen” Abstract   HTML   PDF
Liora Bigon, Ambe J. Njoh
Volume 55, Spring/Printemps 2002 « Consommer la mobilité » en Bulgarie postsocialiste (1990-2000) : sujets et objets Abstract   HTML   PDF
Dessislav Sabev
Volume 41, Spring/Printemps 1995 « Du châssis à la machine à mouler » : la « Du châssis à la machine à mouler » : transformation des méthodes de production dans l'industrie canadienne du moulage, au cours de la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle Abstract   HTML   PDF
Peter Bischoff
Volume 82/83 (2015/2016) Canary in the Mine and the Concerns of Research Councils, Applied Ethnomusicologists, and Museum Professionals Abstract   HTML   PDF
Heather Sparling
Volume 72, Fall/Automne 2010 A History of Canadian Culture Details   HTML   PDF
Anthony di Mascio
Volume 35, Spring/Printemps 1992 A Winnipeg History: The Art of Marie Guest, 1880-1966 Details   HTML   PDF
Jean Dunmire
Volume 3, Spring/Printemps 1977 Bibliography for the Study of British Columbia's Domestic Material History Details   HTML   PDF
Jim Wardrop
Volume 74/75, Spring/Printemps 2012 Cape Breton Railways: An Illustrated History Details   HTML   PDF
Peter M. Latta
Volume 70, Fall/Automne 2009 Comestible/Edible : L’aliment comme matériau/Food as material Details   HTML   PDF
David Szanto
Volume 46, Fall/Automne 1997 Cracovie ville belle et merveilleuse; Krakovian Szopka: From the Collection of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow; Krakows Julkrubbor Details   HTML   PDF
Anna Adamek
Volume 72, Fall/Automne 2010 Dance to the Piper: The Highland Bagpipe in Nova Scotia. Details   HTML   PDF
Ian Hayes
Volume 66, Fall/Automne 2007 Défricheurs d’eau: An Introduction to Acadian Land Reclamation in a Comparative Context Abstract   HTML   PDF
A. J.B. Johnston
Volume 72, Fall/Automne 2010 Elizabeth LeFort: Canada’s Artist in Wool/L’artiste canadienne de la laine. Details   HTML   PDF
Laura Sanchini
Volume 3, Spring/Printemps 1977 Genesis of the Milltown Gallery Details   HTML   PDF
Robert D. Watt
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