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Sheeler, John, Glasfax
Shepard, R. Bruce, Western Development Museum
Shipley, Robert, University of Waterloo
Shockey, Jim
Shukla, Pravina, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Bloomington, Indiana
Sifton, Elizabeth, Concordia University
Silverstein, Cory, McMaster University
Silvester, Niko
Simard, François, Université Laval
Simard, Isabelle, Université Laval
Simkins, Peter, Imperial War Museum
Skene-Melvin, David
Smith, Alan
Smith, Stuart Middlename, New Brunswick Museum
Snyder, Barbara
Sommer, Warren F., Heritage Village Burnaby, B.C.
Sommer, Warren F., Langley Centenial Museum and Exhibition Center
Sparling, Heather, Cape Breton University
Sparling, Mary, Mount St. Vincent University
St. Onge-May, Chelsea, The George Washington University
Stacey, Duncan, Parks Canada
Stan, Sabina Elena, University of Montreal
Standen, Dale, Trent University
Stanley-Blackwell, Laura, St. Francis Xavier University
Stanley-Blackwell, Laurie, St. Francis Xavier University.

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