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Ruddel, David-Thiery, National Museum of Science and Technology
Ruddel, David-Thiery
Ruddel, David-Thiery, Parcs Canada, région du Québec
Ruddel, David-Thiery, National Museum of Man
Ruddel, Thiery
Ruddell, David T., Musée national de l'Homme
Ruddell, Thiery, Musée national de l'Homme
Ruff, Eric J., Yarmouth County Museum
Ruff, Eric, Yarmouth County Museum
Rush, Anita
Rush, Anita, University of Toronto
Rush, Anita, Carleton University
Russell, Hilary
Russell, Lynn, University of Toronto
Rygiel, Judith, Ontario Crafts Council
Rygiel, Judith, l’Université Carleton à Ottawa

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