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Rider, Peter
Rider, Peter E.
Rider, Peter, Canadian Museum of Civilization
Rider, Peter E., National Museum of Science and Technology
Rider, Peter E., Canadian Museum of Civilization
Riley, Barbara
Ripley, Colin, Ryerson University
Roback, Frances
Roberts, Marion, University of Westminster
Robson, Scott, Nova Scotia Museum
Rogers, Irene, Prince Edward Island Heritage Society
Rose, Sanyao, Collby College
Rosenburg, Neil V.
Ross, Lester A., Parks Canada, Ottawa
Rouleau, Serge
Rousseau, Louis-Pascal, Université Laval
Rowan, Michael
Rowat, Theresa, National Archives
Roy, Catherine
Roy, Christian, Laval University
Roy, Geneviève, University of Quebec
Roy, Tina Rolande
Rozzi, Ricardo, University of North Texas
Ruddel, David Theiry, Musée candien des civilisations, Hull
Ruddel, David Thiery, National Museum of Science and Technology

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