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Cook, Jenny, McCord Museum of Canadian History
Cook, Jenny, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada
Cook, Jenny, Dalhousie University
Cook, Peter W., Plimoth Plantation
Cook, Tim, National Archives of Canada
Cooke, Edward S., Yale University
Cooke, Nathalie, McGill University
Cooke Jr., Edward S.
Cooper, Wendy, Heritage Toronto
Copeland, Robert
Corby, R. John, National Museum of Science and Technology
Corby, R. John
Cornish, Julia, Dalhousie University Law School
Coughlin, Maura, New York University
Cox, Julie Wolfram
Cox, Nancy, University of Wolverhampton
Crépeau, Andrée, Fortress of Louisbourg
Cromley, Elizabeth C., SUNY
Cronk, Michael Sam, University of Toronto
Crossman, Lisa, Harvard University
Curtis, Bruce
Curtis, Chris, Parks Canada, Ontario region
Cyr, Jean-Roch, Université de Montréal


Daigle, Jean, Université de Moncton
Dale, Linda, Newfoundland Museum

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