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Contributors / Collaborateurs

Contributors / Collaborateurs

ANNA ADAMEK is an Assistant to the Curator at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa.

JANE BURNS is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's.

EDWARD S. COOKE, JR is the Charles F. Montgomery Professor of American Decorative Arts and Chair of the Department of the History of Art at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

DAVID B. FLEMMING is a heritage consultant and marine historian living in Ottawa. He is the former director of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax.

RHONA RICHMAN KENNEALLY is Assistant Professor of Design History and Theory in the Department of Design Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal.

STEVE KILLING is one of the developers of SmartScan and a full time yacht designer. He designs sailboats for racing and cruising, classic mahogany powerboats, historic vessels, canoes, and kayaks from his Midland, Ontario, home.

DAVID J. MARCOGLIESE is an aquatic wildlife ecologist with the St Lawrence Centre, Environment Canada, in Montreal.

DAWN McCOLL is a graduate of the Art Administration and Art Conservation programs of Sir Sandford Fleming College and is Collections Manager/Conservator with the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough.

SHARON McGLADDERY, a Department of Fisheries and Oceans research scientist from Moncton, is currently seconded to Ottawa to manage aquatic animal health and related activities for the department.

DAVID W. MONAGHAN, Curator of Parliamentary Precinct Services at the House of Commons, is the former Curator of Land Transportation at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. His interest in materials science and the subject of materials in general stems from his work as co-ordinator of the curatorial component of the Museum's exhibit entitled "Materials."

BRIAN S. OSBORNE is Professor of Geography at Queen's University. A historical geographer, his research interests in recent years have addressed issues of identity and the construction of landmarks and places of memory.

PETER RIDER is Atlantic Provinces Historian at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau.

DESSISLAV SABEV est étudiant de doctorat en ethnologie à l'Université Laval. Sa thèse porte sur les traditions culturelles postcommunistes en Europe de l'Est. Il a obtenu sa maîtrise en linguistique à l'université de Sofia en 1991, et il a assumé les fonctions d'associé en recherche à la Bulgarian Society for Regional Cultural Studies (Société bulgare pour les études culturelles régionales).

PAT TOMCZYSZYN received her M.Sc. in Clothing and Textiles from the University of Manitoba. Her thesis topic was "Le costume traditionnel: A Study of Clothing and Textiles in the Town of Quebec, 1635-1760."

ROBERT TREMBLAY travaille comme historien au Musée des sciences et de la technologie du Canada.

MELISSA ZIELKE is a student in the Master of Museum Studies program at the University of Toronto. As well as having a prior M.A. in History, she works part time at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, Hamilton.