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Contributors / Collaborateurs

Contributors / Collaborateurs

ANNA ADAMEK immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1989 and is Readers' Services Assistant at the library of the National Museum of Science and Technology.

YVES BERGERON est conservateur au Musée de la civilisation depuis 1991 et professeur associé en muséologie à l'Université Laval. Il a été conservateur à Parcs Canada, Région du Québec, de 1988 à 1991.

HALLIE E. BOND is Curator of Collections and Boats at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, New York.

ELSPETH CAMERON is Professor of English at the University of Toronto and directs the Interdisciplinary Canadian Studies Program at University College. She is an award-winning journalist and author ofthree acclaimed literary biographies.

MARIJKE KERKHOVEN has a M.Sc (H.Ec.) in historic textiles and was the curatorial assistant for costume and textiles at the Glenbow Museum from 1985 to 1993.

ROGER KNIGHT is Deputy Director of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.

GLORIA LESSER is Professor of Art History at Champlain Regional College, Saint Lambert, Quebec, and Vice-President of the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts.

MICHAEL MCCAUGHAN is a Senior Curator at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Northern Ireland. In 1987 he curated an exhibition on the Titanic that toured the United States.

PAUL NATHANSON, of Montreal, holds degrees in Art History and Religious Studies. His doctoral research explored the relationship between religion and culture, both popular and elite.

G. LESLIE OLIVER, of Aurora, Ontario, worked for fifteen years in research and development and applications engineering in Domestic Technology. He now works in the field of cultural learning, specializing in technology and consequences.

BRIAN S. OSBORNE is Professor of Geography at Queen's University. His most recent publications examine symbolic landscape and national identity.

M. STEPHEN SALMON is the Business Archivist in the Manuscripts Division of the National Archives of Canada. He chairs the editorial board of The Northern Mariner / Le Marin du nord.

BARRIE TRINDER is Senior Research Fellow at the Ironbridge Institute (Tedford, Shropshire) and editor of the Blackwell Encyclopedia ofIndustrial Archeology.

JOANNE WATKINS, historienne de l'art, muséologue et étudiante au doctorat en ethnologie à l'Université Laval, dirige la Maison nationale des Patriotes à Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu (Québec).

GARTH WILSON, Curator of Marine Transportation and Forestry at the National Museum of Science and Technology, is English Language Review Editor for Material History Review.

BILL MCKEE is Historian responsible for the Pacific Region at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.