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Contributors / Collaborateurs

Contributors / Collaborateurs

ANNMARIE ADAMS is Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture, McGill University.

YVES BERGERON, membre du Comité de rédaction de la Revue d'histoire de la culture matérielle, est le conservateur en chef du Musée du Séminaire de Québec.

GERRY BERKOWSKI is responsible for oral history records at the Provincial Archives of Manitoba, and is the Manitoba representative for the Canadian Oral History Association.

JEAN DUNMIRE is currently Public Programs Officer at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature. Having conducted archival research on the 1930s, she has produced educational materials on Manitoba history.

DR. RICHARD HENNING FIELD graduated with a Ph. D. in Material Life and Eighteenth-Century Canadian and American Studies from Dalhousie University in 1990. He is Director of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum.

DAVID R. GRAY is a research scientist for the Canadian Museum of Nature, specializing in the behaviour of arctic birds and mammals. Other interests include local and arctic history, and the history and collecting of Canadian toys.

ELIZABETH HULSE is the Archivist of the Art Gallery of Ontario. She is author of A Dictionary of Toronto Printers, Publishers, Booksellers, and the Allied Trades, 1798-1900 (1982).

ANNE M. LAMBERT is a Professor and Curator in the Department of Textiles, Faculty of Home Economics, University of Alberta.

DR. CLAUDINE MAJZELS teaches art history at the University of Winnipeg, and is actively involved with the Women's History Association of Manitoba (WHAM).

DR. SARAH MCKINNON has been teaching art history at the University of Winnipeg since 1977, and is curator of the university's Gallery 1C03

MORRIS MOTT is a member of the History Department at Brandon University and has a special interest in urban history.

JEFFREY MURRAY is an Archivist with the National Archives of Canada.

BRIAN S. OSBORNE is a Professor of Geography at Queen's University and a member of the Board of Directors of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

HILARY PERROTT is Chief Librarian at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa and a graduate student in Canadian Studies at Carleton University.

STEVE PRYSTUPA is Curator of Multicultural Studies at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature.

DIANNE REID is an Ottawa writer and archivist. She is the Exhibition Review Editor for Archivaria and recently received an Ontario Art Council grant for her book of poems Rats and Other Dancers.

SHARON REILLY is Associate Curator of History and Technology at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature and is a member of the Editorial Board of Material History Review.

JOHN SUMMERS has been Assistant Curator of the Marine Museum of Upper Canada since 1989, where he pursues a lifelong interest in maritime heritage. His principal interests are in nineteenth-century yachting and yacht design, paddling and sailing canoes, and the study, reproduction and use of historic small craft.