Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves - CHIP Is Coming!

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

CHIP Is Coming!

No, it's not the return of the Canadian Home Insulation Program but the arrival of the Curatorial and Historical Index of Periodicals. This is a new reference database soon to be available via the Canadian Heritage Information Network, and it brings to our readers and others an online index to Material History Bulletin and Material History Review. The project is a result of work by Hilary Perrott, Chief Librarian at the National Museum of Science and Technology. As part of her degree requirements in a graduate program at Carleton University, Hilary undertook to index the contents of MHR since its beginning. An analysis of our contents based on that index is found in the Research Reports section of this issue. To serve the readers of MHR better her advisor, Peter Rider, suggested that CHIN be approached to see if the index could be developed as a reference database for network clients and other users. Out of that contact, CHIP has emerged. Not only will MHR be there and indexed to the current issue, but other historical and curatorial journals will be included as well. As soon as they are indexed to project standards, two Ontario journals are scheduled to be added to CHIP. Others are expected to follow. Eventually, the database's creators hope, an extensive reference tool for use by anyone interested in Canada's culture and heritage will be widely available. As a bonus for readers of Material History Review, a printed version of this index up to the end of issue number 34 should be available sometime in 1992. CHIP itself is expected to be released for use in the first half of next year. For more information, contact Merridy Bradley at CHIN, tel.: 613 992-3333, fax: 613 952-2318.