Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves - Invitation to Join the Regional Furniture Society

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

Invitation to Join the Regional Furniture Society

Walter W. Peddle
Newfoundland Museum

1 The Regional Furniture Society was founded in England in 1985 to promote the study and appreciation of regional furniture, particularly that which is commonly called "country" furniture. In addition to all branches of domestic furniture, the Society is interested in furniture made for institutions and places of work. The Society is also concerned with the social history of furniture use and undertakes inventory analysis, the study of workshop practices and construction techniques. The study of vernacular architecture is pursued since it suggests how furniture styles arose in relation to house construction, and how the social use of furniture was dictated by the layout of the house. Members of the Society receive regular illustrated newsletters containing details of relevant exhibitions, book reviews, articles of general interest and events such as lectures, conferences, courses of study and workshops. Each spring the Society also publishes a scholarly, well illustrated journal entitled. Regional Furniture, which is sent to members only.

2 The Regional Furniture Society's interests are not limited to Britain alone. The study of other countries' furniture traditions is being encouraged in the extension of membership in the commonwealth countries and the United States. The Society has over 500 members in Britain, between 75 and 100 in the United States, but only four in Canada, and the Society would like to have its Canadian membership increased. Society members reflect all levels of interest ranging from a mild fascination for antique furniture to a more serious interest in material culture generally. The informative publications and newsletters mentioned above keep members informed about the latest developments in furniture and related research both in Britain and elsewhere and can provide individuals interested in finding links between the early furniture of their particular areas and old-world examples, with comparative models. Members also have the opportunity to network with people having similar interests for the purpose of exchanging information and/ or pursuing a cooperative project. The cost of membership is £16 per individual per year, or £28 for 2 years; £19 per family or institution per year, or £34 for 2 years. A money order in English pounds is required. Requests for membership along with the required fees should be sent to: Regional Furniture Society, c/o Walter W. Peddle, P.O. Box 282, Spaniard's Bay, Newfoundland, AOA 3X0.