Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves - A Research Tool for Studying the Canadian Glass Industry

Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

A Research Tool for Studying the Canadian Glass Industry

T. B. King
Domglas, Inc.

1 As a by-product of a history of the Canadian glass industry, an extensive series of reference cards is being created. The cards provide a synopsis of all data on the glass industry available in published sources and archival records. Included is information on Canadian companies and/or partnerships whose purpose was to make bottles, flat glass, art glass, and other glass articles from raw materials. By the time the manuscript is completed, there will be approximately 9,000 cards with references to information on the following topics: corporate data, ownership, directors, officers, administration and finance, manufacturing, marketing, external services, community relations, illustrative documentation, artifacts, employees, and key personnel.

2 A coding system has been devised to indicate the type of data recorded, with separate codes for company, types of information, and references. The codes have been prepared in consultation with Parks Canada, the Public Archives of Canada, and the National Museum of Man in the hope that additional information can be added by researchers in the future. A primary set of cards will be filed alphabetically by company name and then sequentially within each company. When certain data pertain to more than one company, they will be coded to the company of principal interest with cross references to other companies. A second set of cards will serve as an alphabetical compilation of personnel including all directors, officers, glassblowers, and other key individuals with references to the appropriate company or companies.

3 Preparation of these cards is proceeding as work on the manuscript continues. It is hoped that work will be completed in the first half of 1984. As cards are completed on various companies, they are forwarded to Ottawa where the Public Archives of Canada and the National Museum of Man are co-operating on a project to type and microfilm them. The documentation will then be made available to interested researchers through the archives. Inquiries may be directed to the author, to the Manuscript Division, Public Archives of Canada, or the History Division, National Museum of Man.

T.B. King