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Contributors / Collaborateurs

Contributors / Collaborateurs

John Adams, formerly Executive Director at Heritage Village Museum in Burnaby, B.C., is now Provincial Museums Advisor for British Columbia.

Hélène de Carufel est conservatrice adjointe en ethnologie euroquébecoise au Musée du Québec.

Elizabeth Collard is an authority on nineteenth-century ceramics and has published extensively on that subject.

Peter W. Cook, Chief Curator of Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Mass., has researched spinning, textiles, and textile manufacturing in North America and Great Britain.

Ronald Getty, Curator of Cultural History, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, has a special interest in western Canadian industries stemming from his background in historical archaeology.

Ester Klaiman, formerly Curatorial Assistant, Glenbow Museum, has been a part-time potter since 1966.

Denise Leclerc est agent d'éducation "a la Galerie nationale du Canada où elle a réalisé deux petites expositions didactiques.

Ian MacPherson teaches history at the University of Victoria.

Robin Patterson is Extension/Special Collections Curator in the Modern History Division of the British Columbia Provincial Museum.

Gerald L. Pocius whose M.A. thesis dealt with Newfoundland gravestones, is Assistant Professor of Folklore and Archaeology at Memorial University. He is currently researching the vernacular architecture of the Southern Shore region of Newfoundland, funded by a research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Martin Segger is the Curator of Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery at the University of Victoria.

Duncan Stacey, whose M.A. thesis dealt with technological change in the Fraser River salmon-canning industry, 1897-1912, is presently researching this subject for Parks Canada.

Sheila Stevenson is Curatorial Assistant, Special Projects, at the Nova Scotia Museum.

Richard Stuart is a staff historian at Prairie Region, Parks Canada, working on projects in the Yukon Territory.

Patricia Young is employed by National Historic Parks and Sites, Parks Canada, as Textile Curator in charge of the costumes and textiles unit.