Notes and Comments / Nouvelles brèves

New Research in Museum Studies

1 New Research in Museum Studies: An International Series is an important new series designed to act as a forum for the dissemination and discussion of new research currently being undertaken in the field of museum studies. Volumes in the series will appear once a year. Each volume will be concerned with a particular topic, and that chosen for Volume 1 is Objects of Knowledge. This volume is concerned with the ways in which meaning is created through museum objects, and the processes which this involves. The papers, however, adopt a diversity of stances, ranging widely across the field; some take a broadly theoretical line, and others examine specific areas like museum education and the relationship of museums to native peoples. The volume concludes with a review section, covering recent books, exhibitions and conferences. Price is £28. Available from The Athlone Press, 1 Park Drive, London NW11 7SG England.

2 The Editor is very pleased to discuss potential contributions with authors, who should contact her at an early stage. This is a referreed publication, and comments will be sought for each contribution. Please contact Dr. Susan Pearce, Director, Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, 105, Princess Road East, Leicester LE1 7LG England.