Notes and Comments

Wallpaper in Canada

"Wallpaper in Canada, 1600s- 1930s." Microfiche Report no. 208. Ottawa: Parks Canada, 1968.

1 Written by Felicity Leung as a stylistic tool for restorationists and for those attempting to date wallpaper found in situ, this unedited manuscript of 900 pages (10 micro-fiche pages) is in two parts. Part 1 describes chronologically the manufacture, styles, and use of wallpaper in Canada, most of it imported until the 1880s; information is organized by decade beginning with the 1760s. Part 2 includes histories of 12 Canadian wallpaper manufacturing firms and records the composition of paper and paint used by manufacturers. Glossaries are compiled for each part. Appendices A to C list wallpaper collections in Canada, selvage marks on wallpaper in Canada, and wallpaper makers in Great Britain, France, the United States, and Canada. The bibliography includes over 200 articles on wallpaper from Canadian periodicals published between 1880 and the 1930s in addition to the usual sources. The report ends with 183 illustrations.

2 Copies of the report have been deposited with federal and provincial archives. Individual copies are available, while supplies last, by request from Bruce Fry, National Historic Parks and Sites, 1600 Liverpool Court, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1G2, (613) 993-2470.