Notice / Avis

Conference - Creating Cultures: Peoples, Objects, Ideas 20-24 November 1987 New York Hilton

1 The American Studies Association and the Canadian Association for American Studies invite you to participate in an international American Studies convention to be held at the New York Hilton, 20-24 November 1987. The convention is being organized by members of these associations but is open to all persons here and abroad who have interdisciplinary interest in American culture and civilization.

2 The theme is built on the understandings that (1) cultures are social products that shape or control thought and behaviour and (2) that cultures are created, perpetuated, revised, or rejected by people with varying intentions, objectives, and degrees of consciousness. Particular attention will be given to proposals dealing with material culture.

3 For further information contact:

Dr. John F. Stephens
Executive Director
American Studies Association
309 College Hall
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Telephone: (215) 898-5408