Conference Programme / Programme de la conférence

Children and Changing Perspectives of Childhood in the Nineteenth Century January 30 - February 2, 1985

Keynote Address:
"The Material Culture of Childhood: Problems and Potential in Historical Explanation." Thomas J. Schlereth, Department of American Studies, University of Notre Dame.


Plenary Session:
"Staking a Claim in the Territory of Childhood: Schools, Families and Children in Nineteenth-Century Ontario." John Abbott, Department of History, Algoma University.
Concurrent Sessions:
  1. "Childhood in Nineteenth-Century Ontario: A High-Risk Occupation" (Children's Health Care). Charles Roland, Department of History, McMaster University.
  2. "Feeding the Nineteenth-Century Baby: Implications for Collections Use." Felicity Nowell-Smith, Curator, Museum of the History of Medicine.
  3. "Children's Work in and Around the Home." Professor John Bullen, Department of History, University of Ottawa.
Concurrent Sessions:
  1. "Beauty Unadorned: Dressing Children in Late Nineteenth Century Ontario." Christina Bates, Historian, Parks Canada (Ontario Region).
  2. "Training, Restraining and Sustaining: Infant and Child Care in the Late Nineteenth Century." Hilary Russell, Historian, Parks Canada (Ottawa).
Plenary Session:
"Changing Perspectives on Childhood and Sexuality." John Theis, Family Life Studies, University of Waterloo.


Plenary Session:
Wesley Turner, Department of History, Brock University.
Concurrent Sessions:
  1. "The Little Workers: Child Labour in Ontario." Craig Heron, Department of History, York University.
  2. "Housing the Common Family: North American Material Culture and an Agenda for Local Research." John Weaver, Department of History, McMaster University.


Plenary Session:
'"Waste Not, Want Not'—responding to the Challenge of Childhood Leisure." Patricia Dirks, Department of History, Brock University.
Concurrent Sessions:
  1. "Children's Toys in the Nineteenth Century." Janet Holmes, Canadiana Department, Royal Ontario Museum; Loet Vos, Museum of the History of Childhood.
  2. "'Save All Your Rags': Children's Literature in the Nineteenth Century." Margaret Maloney, Curator, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library.
Concurrent Sessions:
  1. "Children's Pastimes and Games in the Nineteenth Century: Museum Applications." Mary Tivy, Curator, Museum and Archive of Games; Victoria Marchant, Curator, Bradley House Museum.
  2. "The Child in Literature. Anne of Green Gables as a Case Study." Mary Rubio, Department of English, University of Guelph and Co-editor, Canadian Children's Literature.
Concluding Sessions:
"Civilizing and Cultivating Childhood: Schooling Before and After 1850." Bruce Curtis, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
"Changing Views of Childhood: A Museological Perspective." Greg Baeker, Executive Director, Ontario Museum Association; Lynne Kurylo, Manager/Curator, Enoch Turner Schoolhouse; Ruth Freeman, Coordinator, Discovery Gallery, Royal Ontario Museum.