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Volume 39 / Volume 39e (1997) 'Cowering Women, Combative Men?': Femininity, Masculinity, and Ethnicity on Strike in Two Southern Ontario Towns, 1964-1966 Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Ventresca
Volume 31 / Volume 31e (1993) 'Fort Frick' and the Amalgamated: The Homestead Lockout of 1892 in Historical Perspective Details   PDF
John N. Ingham
Volume 24 / Volume 24e (1989) 'In Search Of The Unbound Prometheia': A Comparative View Of Women's Activism in Two Quebec Industries, 1869-1908 Abstract   PDF
Jacques Ferland
Volume 42 / Volume 42e (1998) 'Not a Sex Question'? The One Big Union and the Politics of Radical Manhood Abstract   PDF
Todd McCallum
Volume 27 / Volume 27e (1991) 'Rewarding Your Enemies, Punishing Your Friends': The Labour College Strike of 1983 Details   PDF
John Bullen
Volume 39 / Volume 39e (1997) 'Ruffled' Mistresses and 'Discontented' Maids: Respectability and the Case of Domestic Service, 1880-1914 Abstract   PDF
Magda Fahrni
Volume 25 / Volume 25e (1990) 'The Power of the Sack': The Cost of Job Loss in Canada, 1953-1985 Abstract   PDF
Hugh M. Grant, Frank Strain
Volume 25 / Volume 25e (1990) 'We always had things to do': The Paid and Unpaid Work of Anglophone Children Between the 1920s and the 1960s Abstract   PDF
Neil Sutherland
Volume 29 / Volume 27e (1992) 'We Are All Kin': Reconsidering Labour and Class in Calgary, 1919 Abstract   PDF
David Bright
Volume 61 (2008) ‘Building the Great Lucrative Fishing Industry’: Aboriginal Gillnet Fishers and Protests over Salmon Fishery Regulations for the Nass and Skeena Rivers, 1950s–1960s Abstract   PDF
Miriam Wright
Volume 61 (2008) ‘Living the Same as the White People’: Mohawk and Anishinabe Women’s Labour in Southern Ontario, 1920–1940 Abstract   PDF
Robin Jarvis Brownlie
Volume 61 (2008) ‘The Comforts of Married Life’: Metis Family Life, Labour, and the Hudson’s Bay Company Abstract   PDF
Brenda Macdougall
Volume 60 (2007) ‘There Were Always Men in Our House’: Gender and the Childhood Memories of Working-Class Ukrainians in Depression-Era Canada Abstract   PDF
Stacey Zembrzycki
Volume 80 (2017) “A Colourful Crowning Ceremony”: Images of Class, Gender, and Beauty in World War II-Era Canadian Communism Details
Brian Thorn
Volume 70 (2012) “À faire un peu de poussière:” Environmental Health and the Asbestos Strike of 1949 Abstract   PDF
Jessica van Horssen
Volume 82 (2018) “A Sharp Offensive in all Directions:” The Canadian Labour Defense League and the Fight against Section 98, 1931–1936 Abstract
C. Scott Eaton
Volume 74 (2014) “Chrysler Pulled The Trigger”: Competing Understandings of Workplace Violence During the 1970s and Radical Legal Practice Details   PDF
Jeremy Milloy
Volume 69 (2012) “Cracking the Stone”: The Long History of Capitalist Crisis and Toronto’s Dispossessed, 1830–1930 Abstract   PDF
Bryan D. Palmer, Gaetan Heroux
Volume 75 (2015) “Freedom” of Information in Canada: Implications for Historical Research Details   PDF
Dominique Clément
Volume 72 (2013) “Just Business”: 1970s Management Paternalism and Failed Service Sector Unionization Details   PDF
Jason Russell
Volume 63 (2009) “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”: Immigrants and the Guardians of Privilege in Canada Details   PDF
Tanya Basok, Marshall Bastable
Volume 78 (2016) “Not to Be Bought, Nor for Sale”: The Trials of Joseph Edward Bird Details   PDF
Janet Mary Nicol
Volume 71 (2013) “Telford Time” and the Populist Origins of the CCF in British Columbia Details
Robert A.J. McDonald
Volume 71 (2013) “The common people have spoken with a mighty voice”: Regina’s Labour City Councils, 1936–1939 Abstract
J. William Brennan
Volume 66 (2010) “The Force of All Our Numbers”: New Leftists, Labour, and the 1973 Artistic Woodwork Strike Abstract
Ian Milligan
Volume 77 (2016) “These French Canadian of the Woods are Half-Wild Folk” Wilderness, Whiteness, and Work in North America, 1840–1955 Details   PDF
Jason L. Newton
Volume 75 (2015) “They Shall Not Die!” Anarchists, Syndicalists, Communists, and the Sacco and Vanzetti Solidarity Campaign in Canada Details   PDF
Mikhail Bjorge
Volume 76 (2015) “They Were Making Good Money, Just Ten Minutes from Home”: Proximity and Distance in the Plant Shutdown Stories of Northern Ontario Mill Workers Details   PDF
Steven High
Volume 72 (2013) “To Those Who Lost Their Lives”: Reading a Labour Landmark in Sydney, Nova Scotia Details   PDF
Lachlan MacKinnon
Volume 74 (2014) “We didn’t want to totally break the law”: Industrial Legality, the Pepsi Strike, and Workers' Collective Rights in Canada Details   PDF
Charles W. Smith
Volume 78 (2016) “You Will Have a Good Career Here, but Not a Great Career”: Male Mentoring and the Women Journalists of the Canadian Press News Cooperative, 1965–2000 Details   PDF
Barbara M. Freeman
Volume 64 (2009) « Barrer la voie au syndicalisme » : les manœuvres de l’État québécois contre la Société bienveillante des journaliers de navires de Québec et les autres sociétés de secours mutuel, 1869–1899 Abstract   PDF
Peter C. Bischoff
Volume 70 (2012) « C’est le peuple qui est maître ; nous sommes les maîtres à Québec » : La grève des ouvriers des travaux publics, juin 1878 Details   PDF
Jean-Philip Mathieu
Volume 78 (2016) « J’entends parler de leurs intérêts les plus chers » : Alphonse-Télesphore Lépine et l’engagement électoral des Chevaliers du travail à Montréal (1888–1896) Details   PDF
Marc-André Gagnon
Volume 70 (2012) « Un chaînon incontournable au Québec » : les Chevaliers du travail, 1882 – 1902 Abstract   PDF
Peter C. Bischoff
Volume 79 (2017) « Y aura-t-il toujours des pauvres? » : les transformations des discours sur la pauvreté en période de prospérité Details
Stéphanie O’Neill
Volume 71 (2013) “The something that has called itself ‘Marxism’” Details
Peter Way
Volume 71 (2013) A Definitive ‘And fookin’ Amen to that! Details
David Levine
Volume 71 (2013) Among the Autodidacts: The Making of E.P. Thompson Details
Margaret C. Jacob
Volume 75 (2015) Bomb Girls An Introduction Details   PDF
Sean Cadigan
Volume 4 / Volume 4e (1979) Come Hell or High Water: Songs of the Buchans Miners Details   PDF
David Frank
Volume 71 (2013) Frame-breaking Then and Now Details
Rebecca Hill
Volume 75 (2015) Labour Markets and Identity on the Post-Industrial Assembly Line Answer the Call: Virtual Migration in Indian Call Centres Call Centers and the Global Division of Labor: A Political Economy of Post-Industrial Employment and Union Organizing Details   PDF
Enda Brophy
Volume 75 (2015) Race-based Discrimination in Bomb Girls Details   PDF
Carmela Patrias
Volume 75 (2015) Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s and 60s: A Memoir – Volume 1, Canada 1955–1965 Revolutionary Activism in the 1950s and 60s: A Memoir – Volume 2, Britain 1965–1970 Details   PDF
Bryan D. Palmer
Volume 71 (2013) The Face of Power Details
Tina Loo
Volume 72 (2013) The Making dans les eaux troubles de l’historiographie québécoise : réception hésitante d’un livre en avant de son temps Details   PDF
Robert Tremblay
Volume 71 (2013) The Privilege of History Details
Sean Cadigan
Volume 56 / Volume 56e (2005) Robitnytsia, Ukrainian Communists, and the 'Porcupinism' Debate: Reassessing Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in Early Canadian Communism, 1922-1930 Abstract   PDF
Joan Sangster
Volume 13 / Volume 13e (1984) 1919: The Canadian Labour Revolt Abstract   PDF
Gregory S. Kealey
Volume 74 (2014) A “Unique Experiment”: The Ontario Labour Court, 1943–1944 Details   PDF
Katherine Munro
Volume 58 / Volume 58e (2006) A Battle Royal: Service Work Activism and the 1961-1962 Royal York Strike Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Milloy
Volume 48 / Volume 48e (2001) A Canadian in Lowell: Labour, Manhood and Independence in the Early Industrial Era, 1840-1849 Details   PDF
Jack Little
Volume 63 (2009) A Communist in the Council Chambers: Communist Municipal Politics, Ethnicity, and the Career of William Kolisnyk Abstract   PDF
Stefan Epp
Volume 35 / Volume 35e (1995) A Crate of Records is like a History Book Details   PDF
William Eric Perkins
Volume 16 / Volume 16e (1985) A Death at Deer Lake: Catalyst of a Forgotten Newfoundland Work Stoppage, 1924 Details   PDF
Malcolm MacLeod
Volume 28 / Volume 28e (1991) A Fair or a Minimum Wage? Women Workers, the State, and the Origins of Wage Regulation in Western Canada Abstract   PDF
Bob Russell
Volume 66 (2010) A Friend in Need or a Business Indeed?: Disabled Bodies and Fraternalism in Victorian Ontario Abstract
Dustin Galer
Volume 73 (2014) A History of Legal Exclusion: Labour Relations Laws and British Columbia’s Agricultural Workers, 1937–1975 Abstract   PDF
Heather Jensen
Volume 58 / Volume 58e (2006) A Labour Force for the Consumer Century: Commodification in Canada's Largest Department Stores, 1890 to 1940 Abstract   PDF
Donica Belisle
Volumes 8 and 9 / Volumes 8e et 9e (1981) "A Link Between Labour and Learning": The Workers Educational Association in Ontario, 1917-1951 Abstract   PDF
Ian Radforth, Joan Sangster
Volume 14 / Volume 14e (1984) A Marxist Classic Details   PDF
Mark Golden
Volume 32 / Volume 32e (1993) A Miniature Coxey's Army: The British Harvesters' Toronto-to-Ottawa Trek of 1924 Abstract   PDF
W.J.C. Cherwinski
Volume 80 (2017) A New Scale of Activism: Canadian Unions and the North American Free Trade Agreement, 1992–1999 Details
Spencer Hamelin
Volumes 8 and 9 / Volumes 8e et 9e (1981) A Newfoundland Printer on the Tramp Details   PDF
Robert H. Babcock
Volume 7 / Volume 7e (1981) A Note on the Toronto Printers' Strike, 1872 Details   PDF
Robert H. Babcock
Volume 19 / Volume 19e (1987) A Personal Tribute Details   PDF
W. J. C. Cherwinski
Volume 50 / Volume 50e (2002) A Piece of Hard Light: Excerpts from Michael Crummey's Hard Light Abstract   PDF
John Steffler
Volume 1 / Volume 1er (1976) A Place in the Sun: The Industrial Council at Massey-Harris, 1919-1929 Details   PDF
Bruce Scott
Volume 2 / Volume 2e (1977) A Profusion of Issues: Immigrant Labour, the World War, and the Cominco Strike of 1917 Details   PDF
Stanley Scott
Volume 34 / Volume 34e (1994) A Proper Account of Improper Sex Details   PDF
Christina Simmons
Volume 31 / Volume 31e (1993) A Property-Owning Democracy? Home Ownership and the Working Class in Canada Details   PDF
Sean Purdy
Volume 74 (2014) A Scholar of Canada: A Tribute to Robert H. Babcock Details   PDF
Scott W. See
Volume 74 (2014) A Scholarly Tribute to Bettina Bradbury, Feminist Historian of the Family Details   PDF
Liz Millward
Volume 74 (2014) A Scholarly Tribute to Bettina Bradbury, Feminist Historian of the Family: A Roundtable Discussion Details   PDF
Magda Fahrni
Volume 73 (2014) "A Seemingly Incongruous Alliance": Trotskyists and Teamsters in 1934 Details   PDF
Alan Wald
Volume 2 / Volume 2e (1977) A Study in Social Control: The Life of the Silver Miner in Northern Ontario Details   PDF
Doug Baldwin
Volume 67 (2011) A Tribute to Gilbert Levine: His Pioneering Role in Labour Research Details
Jane Stinson
Volume 76 (2015) A Welcome to Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies (CAWLS) Members Details   PDF
Sean Cadigan, Gregory S. Kealey
Volume 31 / Volume 31e (1993) Abstract / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 3 / Volume 3e (1978) Abstracts / Abstraits Details   PDF
Volume 4 / Volume 4e (1979) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 5 / Volume 5e (1980) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 43 / Volume 43e (1999) Abstracts / Résumé Details   PDF
Volume 19 / Volume 19e (1987) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 20 / Volume 20e (1987) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 15 / Volume 15e (1985) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 16 / Volume 16e (1985) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 17 / Volume 17e (1986) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 18 / Volume 18e (1986) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 6 / Volume 6e (1980) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 10 / Volume 10e (1982) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 11 / Volume 11e (1983) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 12 / Volume 12e (1983) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 13 / Volume 13e (1984) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 14 / Volume 14e (1984) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volumes 8 and 9 / Volumes 8e et 9e (1981) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 7 / Volume 7e (1981) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 21 / Volume 21e (1988) Abstracts / Résumés Details   PDF
Volume 22 / Volume 22e (1988) Abstracts / Résumes Details   PDF
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