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Volume 1 (2010) “...a fair show and a square deal”: New Brunswick and the Renegotiation of Canadian Federalism, 1938-1951 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Corey Slumkoski
Volume 3 (2012) “Gladly given for the cause”: New Brunswick Teacher and Student Support for the War Effort, 1914–1918 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Frances Helyar
Volume 1 (2010) “I want to know my bloodline”: New Brunswickers and Their Pasts Abstract   HTML   PDF
Margaret Conrad, Natalie Dubé, David Northrup, Keith Owre
Volume 6, No. 1 (2015) “It’s Both Ways”: How International Students Negotiate Belonging in Local and Global Contexts Abstract   HTML   PDF
Morgan Poteet, Bianca Gomez
Volume 6, No. 2 (2015) “Our Isolation Is Almost Unbearable”: A Case Study in New Brunswick Out-Migration, 1901–1914 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Curtis Mainville
Volume 6, No. 2 (2015) “Telling the Irvings’ Stories”: A Review of Jacques Poitras’ Irving vs. Irving: Canada’s Feuding Billionaires and the Stories They Won’t Tell. Toronto: Viking, 2014. Details   HTML   PDF
Mark J. McLaughlin
Volume 7, No. 1 (2016) “The First Frame House in Sackville Parish” Details   HTML   PDF
Paul Bogaard
Volume 3 (2012) “The Politics Behind Outrage: Examining New Brunswick’s Unconditional Municipal Grants Debate” Details   HTML   PDF
Tony Tremblay
Volume 5 (2014) Harrison McCain: Single-Minded Purpose Details   HTML   PDF
Don Nerbas
Volume 5 (2014) Solidarités provinciales : histoire de la Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Nouveau-Brunswick Provincial Solidarities: A History of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour Details   HTML   PDF
Jean Sauvageau
Volume 3 (2012) The Last Shift: The Story of a Mill Town (2011). A Golden Girl Production. Written and directed by Tony Tremblay and Ellen Rose. Details   HTML
Steven High
Volume 5 (2014) What the New Liberal Government Should Know About One-Term Governments and the Cultivation of Backwardness in New Brunswick Details   HTML   PDF
Tony Tremblay
Volume 5 (2014) What the New Liberal Government Should Know About "Public Property and the Public Trust in New Brunswick" Details   HTML   PDF
P. G. Toner
Volume 5 (2014) What the New Liberal Government Should Know About "Reproductive Freedom and Justice in New Brunswick" Details   HTML   PDF
Joanne H. Wright
Volume 5 (2014) What the New Liberal Government Should Know About "The Health of New Brunswickers" Details   HTML   PDF
Eilish Cleary
Volume 5 (2014) 7th Graders and Their Pasts: A New Brunswick Case Study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Cynthia Wallace-Casey
Volume 7, No. 2 (2016) A Conversation with Ann Moyal, Lord Beaverbrook’s Researcher Abstract   HTML   PDF
John Reid
Volume 3 (2012) A Near Golden Age: The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in New Brunswick, 1940-1949 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Laurel Lewey
Volume 6, No. 2 (2015) A Review of Gregory M.W. Kennedy’s Something of a Peasant Paradise? Comparing Rural Societies in Acadie and the Loudunais, 1604–1755. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s UP, 2014. Details   HTML   PDF
N.E.S. Griffiths
Volume 4 (2013) A Yank among the Loyalists: Review of Peter C. Kent’s Inventing Academic Freedom: The 1968 Strax Affair at the University of New Brunswick (Halifax: Formac, 2012) Details   HTML   PDF
Tony Tremblay
Volume 2 (2011) Analyse d’un changement de régime forestier : le cas du Nouveau-Brunswick des années 1980 Abstract   HTML (Français (Canada))   PDF (Français (Canada))   HTML (French)   PDF (French)
David Dussault, René Blais
Volume 7, No. 1 (2016) Building Futures: Career and Community Development in Small New Brunswick Towns Abstract   HTML   PDF
Fabrizio Antonelli
Volume 8 (2017) Call the Doctor? Understanding Health Service Trends in New Brunswick, Part I, 1918–1950 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sasha Mullally, Katherine MacDonald
Volume 3 (2012) Caractéristiques ethnolinguistiques et distribution spatiale de la population dans la région urbaine de Moncton, 1981-2006 Abstract   HTML (Français (Canada))   PDF (Français (Canada))   HTML (French)   PDF (French)
Vincent Roy, Jean-Michel Billette
Volume 6, No. 1 (2015) Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Small Communities in New Brunswick: An Introduction Details   HTML   PDF
Lauren Beck, Christina Ionescu
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