Remembering Herb Wyile, 1961–2016

1 We are saddened by the loss of JNBS/RÉNB Advisory Board member Herb Wyile. Our friend and colleague died unexpectedly this summer after a short illness. A professor of English at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Herb was a beacon of generous scholarship and cultural work. A tireless scholar, editor, and conference organizer, as well as a model academic citizen, he touched the lives of many of us personally. He loved the work that JNBS/RÉNB is doing, and he took every opportunity he could find to make his home province of New Brunswick a better and more informed place. We will miss his intelligence, humour, and friendship, as well as his important scholarly and cultural contributions to the region.

2 JNBS/RÉNB is on the organizing committee of the July 2017 Thomas H. Raddall Conference at Acadia University that will be held in Professor Wyile’s memory.