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Palmer, David Scott, Boston University
Palmer, Steven
Papp, Daniel S., Georgia Tech in Atlanta
Parker, Jay M., United States Military Academy
Parkinson, F. W., Victoria, BC
Parkinson, F. W., National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa
Parkinson, F. W.
Parkinson, F. W., NDHQ, Ottawa
Parkinson, Frederick, NDHQ, Ottawa
Parkinson, Frederick
Parkinson, Frederick, Victoria, BC
Patterson, Henry, University of Ulster
Pavlova, Elena, Visiting Associate at the Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies (IDSS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Payne, Caroline L.
Pearson, Frederic S., University of Missouri-St. Louis
Pearson, Frederic S., Wayne State University
Peceny, Mark, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of New Mexico
Pelletiere, Stephen C., U.S. Army War College
Perry, David L., Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Seattle University
Petrash, Vilma, University of Pittsburgh
Philip, George, London School of Economics
Pisano, Vittorfranco S., Georgetown University
Pisano, Vittorfranco S., University of Rome
Pitts, Michelle
Pluchinsky, Dennis, U.S. Department of State

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