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Labelle, Maurice
Laberge, Yves
Laferriere, Eric, McGill University
Lakos, Amos, University of Waterloo
Lange, Peer H., Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik at Ebenhausen
Lansford, Tom
Lapointe, Andre
Larew, Marilynn M., University of Maryland, College Park
Larew, Marilynn M., University of Maryland at College Park
LaRonde, Robert, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Last, David, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre
Last, David, Royal Military College of Canada
Lawrence, Garic K., Eastern Illinois University
Leistner, G. M. E., Africa Institute of South Africa
Leitenberg, Milton, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland
Lemieux, Anthony F.
Levy, David, Universities of British Columbia and London
Lizee, Pierre, York University
Loescher, Gil, University of Notre Dame
Lombardi, Ben, Department of National Defence, Ottawa 
Lomperis, Timothy J.
Lomperis, Timothy J., Duke University
Lomperis, Timothy J., Saint Louis University
Lounsbery, Marie Olson, Nova Southeastern University
Loveman, Brian, San Diego State University

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