Vol 25, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents


Ann Fitz-Gerald
Sara L. Zeigler, Gregory G. Gunderson
Frederic S. Pearson, Marie Olson Lounsbery, Loreta Costa
Nazih Richani
Vanda Felbab-Brown
James G. Mellon

Review Essays

Conflict in Africa
Richard Dale
Ethics and Humanitarian Intervention
James G. Mellon

Book Reviews

Bloom, Mia. Dying to Kill: The Allure of Suicide Terror.
Joseph T. McCann
Politi, Mauro, and Guiseppe Nesi, eds. The International Criminal Court and the Crime of Aggression.
Daniel C. Turack
Brunn, Stanley, ed. 11 September and Its Aftermath: The Geopolitics of Terror.
Omar Ashour
Marten, Kimberley Zisk. Enforcing the Peace: Learning from the Imperial Past.
Sean Ryan
Cassidy, Robert M. Peacekeeping in the Abyss: British and American Peacekeeping Doctrine and Practice After the Cold War.
Cindy R. Jebb
Joes, Anthony James. Resisting Rebellion: The History and Politics of Counterinsurgency.
Christian Breil
Kaplan, Lawrence S. NATO Divided, NATO United: The Evolution of an Alliance.
Ryan C. Hendrickson
Akinwumi, Olayemi. Crises and Conflicts in Nigeria: A Political History Since 1960.
J. Shola Omotola