Vol 26, No 1 (2006)

George Kennan and the Inauguration of Political Warfare

Sarah-Jane Corke
Dalhousie University

Published 2006-05-01

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Corke, S.-J. (2006). George Kennan and the Inauguration of Political Warfare. Journal of Conflict Studies, 26(1). Retrieved from https://journals.lib.unb.ca/index.php/JCS/article/view/2171


This article examines the role played by George Frost Kennan in the development and execution of early American covert operations. The author argues that Kennan played a crucial role not only in the development of NSC 10/2: Office of Special Projects but also in the expansion of these activities during the years 1948 through 1950. In this case, as in so many others, the corresponding shift in American Cold War strategy owed more to the personality and belief system of one man than to changes in the international system.