Vol. 28 (2008)

Failed States: Internal and External Sources of Failure

David Reilly
Niagara University

Published 2008-04-01

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Reilly, D. (2008). Failed States: Internal and External Sources of Failure. Journal of Conflict Studies, 28. Retrieved from https://journals.lib.unb.ca/index.php/JCS/article/view/11244


In this article I make three main arguments. First, failing and failed states must be understood from a two-level game perspective. Their domestic conditions shape their international behavior, and their international circumstances exacerbate their internal failings. Second, established states and failing/failed states engage in different functions. Established states are focused on state expansion activities, while failing and failed states are attempting to undergo the process of state-building. Finally, I argue that this problem of failing states is not going away; more to the point, a collision course between these two types of states is inevitable.