Volume 31, Numbers 1 and 2 (2004)

Table of Contents


Moby-Dick and Schopenhauer
R. K. Gupta
Reading Amy Tan's Hologram: The Hundred Secret Senses
Benzi Zhang
Using the Heart: The Symbolism of Individual Change in Bessie Head's Maru
Alan Ramón Ward
"Flowers in All Their Colours": Natios and Communities in Ngugi Wa Thiong'o's Petals of Blood
Joya F. Uraizee
"Musak": The Office and the Language of Madness
Carmen Tisnado
Günter Grass's Tribute to Uwe Johnson
Kurt J. Fickert
Textual Dynamics in Chinua Achebe's Home and Exile and No Longer at Ease
Ian H. Munro
Temples and Tabernacles: Alternative Religions in the Fictional Microcosms of Robertson Davies, Margaret Laurence, and Alice Munro
Nora Foster Stovel
Aldous Huxley in the Age of Global Literary Studies
Lidan Lin

Book Reviews

Tahar Djaout. The Last Summer of Reason
Sabah A. Salih
Laura Zigman. HER
Nora Foster Stovel
Wolfgang Iser. The Range of Interpretation
Ricardo Miguel-Alfonso
Carol Shields. Unless
Nora Foster Stovel
Günter Grass. My Century
Ronald Charles Epstein
Jeffrey J. Folks. From Richard Wright to Toni Morrison: Ethics in Modern and Postmodern American Narrative
Axel Knoenagel
Joanna Trollope. Girl from the South
Nora Foster Stovel
Jennifer M. Jeffers. The Irish Novel at the End of the Twentieth Century: Gender, Bodies, and Power
C. J. Ganter
Margaret Drabble. The Seven Sisters
Nora Foster Stovel
Freeman G. Henry, ed. Beginnings in French Literature
Catherine Parayre
Emeka Aniagolu. Black Mustard Seed
Tera Maxwell
Anthony Dawahare. Nationalism, Marxism, and African American Literature between the Wars: A New Pandora's Box
Axel Knoenagel
Catherine Wynne. The Colonial Conan Doyle: British Imperialism, Irish Nationalism, and the Gothic
Gerhard van der Linde
Christiane Schïnfeld, ed. Commodities of Desire: The Prostitute in Modern German Literature
Christoph Lorey
Scott Lee. Traces de l'excès. Essai sur la nouvelle philosophique de Balzac
Anthony R. Pugh
Ian McEwan. Atonement
Nora Foster Stovel
Justin D. Edwards. Exotic Journeys: Exploring the Erotics of U.S. Travel Literature, 1840-1930
Udo Nattermann
Alexa Alfer and Michael J. Noble, eds. Essays on the Fiction of A. S. Byatt: Imagining the Real
Lisa M. Fiander
A. S. Byatt. A Whistling Woman
Jane Campbell
Ben Stoltzfus. Valley of Roses
Erik Nakjavani
New Titles
Christoph Lorey