Volume 26, Numbers 1 and 2 (1999)

Table of Contents


Bleakness and Comedy: Stoic Humor in Bernard MacLaverty's Short Stories
C. J. Ganter
Deconstructing and Reconstructing a Narrative of the Self: John Barth's The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
Yusur Al-Madani
Camus and Hemingway: Suicide, Sisyphus, and the Leopard
Ben Stoltzfus
The Deconstruction of Binary Ideological Structures in Manuel Puig's Kiss of the Spider Woman
Steffany Drozdo
The Universality of Tragedy? The Case of Bessie Head
Earl G. Ingersoll
Walled from the Wild: (Sub)urban Enclosure in Raymond Queneau's The Bark Tree and Other Novels
D. Brian Munn
Flight, Entrapment, and Madness in Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea
Charles Sarvan
The Role of the Jews in Henryk Sienkiewicz's Quo Vadis?
David Matual
Names and Themes in Uwe Johnson's Jahrestage
Kurt Fickert

Book Reviews

Carlos Fuentes. The Crystal Frontier: A Novel in Nine Stories
George R. McMurray
Arthur E. Babcock. The New Novel in France: Theory and Practice of the Nouveau Roman
Raylene Ramsay
Jose Manuel Lopes. Foregrounded Description in Prose Fiction: Five Cross-Literary Studies
Patrick O'Neill
Laura Fasick. Vessels of Meaning: Women's Bodies, Gender Norms, and Class Bias from Richardson to Lawrence
Jane Campbell
Sean Kane. Wisdom of the Mythtellers
Gail Pool
Mark Bell. Aphorism in the Francophone Novel of the Twentieth Century
Doris Y. Kadish
Margaret Drabble. The Witch of Exmoor
Nora Foster Stovel
James M. Hutchisson, ed. Sinclair Lewis: New Essays in Criticism
Axel Knoenagel
Robert DeMott. Steinbeck's Typewriter: Essays on His Art
Axel Knoenagel
Hugh Powell. Fervor and Fiction: Therese von Bacheracht and Her Works
Marianne Henn
Vibha Bakshi Gokhale. Walking the Tightrope. A Feminist Reading of Therese Huber's Stories
Marianne Henn
Gregory S. Jay. American Literature and the Culture Wars
Ricardo Miguel Alfonso
Vasily Shukshin. Stories from a Siberian Village
Laura Beraha
George Soule. Four British Women Novelists: Anita Brookner, Margaret Drabble, Iris Murdoch, Barbara Pym
Lisa Fiander
Julia Kristeva. Proust and the Sense of Time; and Time and Sense: Proust and the Experience of Literature
Anthony Pugh
Shyam Selvadurai. Cinnamon Gardens
Christoph Lorey
Laura Browder. Rousing the Nation: Radical Culture in Depression America
Axel Knoenagel
Alex Zwerdling. Improvised Europeans: American Literary Expatriates and the Siege of London
Udo Nattermann
Susan J. Tracy. In the Master's Eye: Representations of Women, Blacks, and Poor Whites in Antebellum Southern Literature
Barbara Rose
Rosario Ferre. Eccentric Neighborhoods
George R. McMurray
Victor A. Kramer and Robert A. Ross, eds. Harlem Renaissance Re-examined
Axel Knoenagel
Lars G. Warme, ed. A History of Swedish Literature
Christopher Hale
Herman Ermolaev. Censorship in Soviet Literature: 1917-1991
Allan Reid